Masey, c. 1977

Close Buy was created in 2010 by Masey Kaplan, a Mainer on a mission—to create a school fundraising catalog full of products people would love to buy, while simultaneously supporting the local businesses who were, at the time, struggling through the economic crash of 2008. Working tirelessly around the clock, she brought forth the first catalog, featuring a modest collection of 70 or so products, from 30 or so Maine vendors. With only 3 brave pilot schools, the first Close Buy fundraiser burst through the gates, with only positive, enthusiastic results.

The next year, there were 45 schools, the next, over 70. Slowly Close Buy evolved to serve schools from all over, and today includes products made by vendors in the Northeast states of ME, MA, NH, CT, RI, VT, NY and NJ (admittedly, about 40% of the products in the collection are from Maine). Today, Close Buy features more than 100 local vendors, and Masey can tell you all of their names. To this day, the work is still fueled by the same passion to do good work, and take care of local family businesses, our environment, and the schools that depend on us.